The Northern Block is an independent type foundry internationally recognised for producing modernist fonts for brands, creatives and makers.

Our Foundry

Founded in 2006 by Jonathan Hill, The Northern Block’s highly-skilled global team has designed an extensive collection of award-winning typefaces for modern-day purposes. In addition to the library of fonts, the team creates custom designs for corporate clients and provides expertise in multi-script languages, including; Arabic, Cyrillic, Greek, and Hebrew.

Our History

The first journey into type design for The Northern Block was long and winding with no clear, direct route—more of a road to discovery. With no dedicated centres of excellence in the North of England for type design, the learning curve was steeper but no less rewarding. After a successful career in graphic design, Jonathan began to lay down the foundation for The Northern Block Type Foundry. For the first six years, he worked alone as an independent designer selling typefaces under The Northern Block brand—building a reputation for developing clean, modernist, industrial tech-style designs.

Our Evolution

In 2011, Jonathan relocated to the North East of England. From this point forward, the type design journey became much more apparent and better understood. Working alone was no longer an option; Jonathan united the company under a new manifesto; to collaborate with designers and creatives through a shared professional experience to develop purposeful modern, readable typefaces.

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Meet Our Team

Jonathan Hill - Founder

Jonathan is the founder of The Northern Block and known to wider people in the North as the ‘Fontman’. He began his type design odyssey in the industrial mill towns of Yorkshire surrounded by historic textiles, modern art and the no-nonsense voice of the people. A Draughtsmen at heart with a passion for function, modernism and the understated Jonathan has shaped out a career designing typefaces that are respected and recognised by trusted brands, leading video game developers and global manufacturing companies. Recently his type designs have received international awards as some of the most innovative work in the industry, and with his dedication to connecting, mentoring and nurturing new type design talent, his influence is set to grow stronger.

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Scott Briggs - Head of Operations

Scott is our Head of Operations and joined the Company in 2016. He’s originally from Manchester UK, experienced in a range of industries including: Wealth Management, Automotive, and Market Research. Also currently undertaking an MA in Strategic Leadership. He looks after our Clients as well as everything to do with custom licences, commercials, and operations. In his spare time he coaches women’s and children’s football, as well as playing.

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Donna Wearmouth- Head of Brand

Donna joined The Northern Block as a Designer in 2018. In 2022, she progressed into the role of Head of Brand. A good old-fashioned northerner with a passion for typography, Donna’s philosophy is to create genuine and considered solutions in their purest form, underpinned by a strategic and thorough approach, conceptual thinking, and meticulous attention to detail. A designer with over twelve years of industry experience, Donna’s background in award-winning design agencies has seen her take the lead on a broad range of projects, from small start-ups to global brands. Her work has been recognised and awarded by professional design associations, including The International Society of Typographic Designers, and featured in numerous printed publications.

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Tasos Varipatis - Senior Type Designer

Tasos joined The Northern Block in 2022. Based in Zakynthos, Greece, where he has been living and working for the last few years, he studied Graphic Design at Middlesex University London. His love for typography led him to pursue a career as a type designer. He worked for over three years as a designer and font developer for well-established type foundries where he was very closely involved in designing Latin, Greek and Cyrillic scripts, as well as emerging technologies such as variable fonts. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his wife and newborn daughter. He also likes to train for boxing and enjoys cooking.

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