No matter what the requirement is for a custom typeface, The Northern Block’s team of experts can make it work.

Customise it.

We’ve been making typefaces for some of the worlds leading companies for the best part of a decade. And out of this, have concluded that no two type design projects are the same. Work together uniquely to discover what font you want to make and learn to understand the details behind its making.

Modify it.

Modifying a typeface together can be a faster cost-effective solution when budgets and deadlines don’t allow for a design made from scratch. You may have been working with one of our existing fonts and would like to have an exclusive version to create a unique visual identity.

Expand it.

The Northern Block, in collaboration with trusted partners around the globe, has the experience and expertise to expand a font to cover the following languages. Arabic, Cyrillic, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Georgian, Greek, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Thai and Indic.

Selected Clients.

Lego, Ubisoft, EA Sports, Hilton, Century 21, Vauxhall, Disney, Netflix, Warner Brothers, Hasbro Toys, The International Football Association Board, Triumph Motorbikes.

How to Make it Work.

To make a great typeface, we utilise the following working framework that is flexible, agile, and unique to your font making story.

Discover Font.

The first step is where our team learn about you and what Font it is we are going to make. No matter what the starting point you have, the team can explore options, help align concepts, set clear goals and make that Font fit for purpose.

Plan Font.

From the discovery, we’ll put together a solid plan of how we’ll make your Font. It’ll outline our business goals with deliverables and map out essential type-specific details that will help you understand the proceeding steps in design, production and testing.

Design Font.

On the agreement of the plan between type foundry and client, we’ll draft out the critical letters that set the proportions and personality of the design. No matter what the scope of the project, the team can provide visual data that’ll help you understand how it’s shaping up.

Produce Font.

Once the crucial letters are determined, then we’ll flesh out the rest of the glyph set using industry-leading software in combination with our bespoke software tools. A single font will include one master, while a typical family will have multiple masters.

Test Font.

Post-production is a part of the process that helps to make the Font perform at it’s best. The studio utilises (in-house) techniques that check for consistency across a wide range of parameters. This way, they’ll better fit your applications, and be future-proofed to meet technological trends.

License Font.

We create and tailor each licence to the client, providing an opportunity to ‘simplify’ any areas of the licence which seem unclear; and provide with absolute certainty, a licence agreement that is understood and straightforward to all.

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