Facto Collection


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Facto Variable

Thin Light Regular Medium Bold ExtraBold Thin Oblique Light Oblique Oblique Medium Oblique Bold Oblique ExtraBold Oblique

Facto, a sleek and modern typeface, draws inspiration from the broader realm of industrial-style typefaces, embodying a clean and geometric design ethos. With unembellished letterforms and slightly condensed curves, Facto is a testament to simplicity and clarity. Remastered to version 2.0, it not only refines its industrial aesthetic but also introduces enhanced OpenType features, variable support, and improved usability across digital platforms. This makes Facto a versatile choice for a range of design applications, particularly in user interfaces, mobile devices, and websites, where its crisp and legible characteristics shine amidst the demands of modern digital communication.

Details include six weights and obliques, over 700 characters with alternative lowercase a, g, and y. OpenType features consist of eight variations of numerals, including inferiors, superiors, fractions, denominators, numerators, and circled figures. Additional features include case-sensitive forms, ligatures, circle, square, triangle symbols, arrows and language support covering Western, Southern, and Central Europe.