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Metral stands out as a geometric sans-serif font with a meticulous design that strikes a balance between precision and approachability. Its clean lines adhere to a grid structure, while the introduction of smooth corners adds a touch of warmth and friendliness. This fusion of geometric rigor and subtle detailing makes Metral well-suited for diverse design purposes, from contemporary branding to editorial layouts. The typeface's sharp interplay between structure and nuance contributes to both a polished and inviting aesthetic, making Metral a versatile choice for a variety of visual communication needs.

Details include seven weights with obliques and over 650 characters per style. OpenType features consist of digital numerals, numerators, denominators, tabular, fractions, alternative J, K, R, a, k, g, t, y, and language support covering Western, Southern and Central Europe‚ÄĒremastered to version 2.0 for enhanced OpenType features and usability.

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