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Modum, a contemporary serif font family, seamlessly merges traditional influences with modern design precision. Its low-contrast structure and a delicate balance of smooth radius details and carefully drawn angles create a crisp, distinctive aesthetic that caters to the demands of digital applications. Crafted for optimal functionality, Modum radiates charm, harmony, and practicality, making it an ideal choice for intricate hierarchical projects like editorials, newspapers, and text-based books. Recognized with a Merit Award (Latin Group) at the Hiii International Typography Design competition in 2015, Modum stands as a stylish and versatile serif font, offering readability and visual appeal tailored for the demands of contemporary design and computer-based work.

Modum has undergone a significant upgrade to version 2.0, introducing enhancements that elevate its typographic capabilities. Notably, the update brings improvements in weight distribution, ensuring a more refined and balanced appearance across various font styles. Additionally, the integration of advanced OpenType features enhances typographic flexibility and functionality, allowing for a richer and more dynamic user experience.

The font includes eight weights with true italics and over 900 characters per style. OpenType features consist of twelve number variations, including inferiors, superiors, fractions, tabular, lining, and old style. It also has alternate lowercase a, e, g and y, small caps and language support covering Western, Southern, Central Europe, and Vietnamese.