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Mynor-B departs from its predecessor, Mynor, which had a squarish geometric design. The shift aims to make the typeface more humanist, expressive, and readable, especially in longer texts. Inspired by Kintsugi, Mynor-B introduces organic forms and expressive elements, creating a dynamic visual experience. This change adds a human touch and improves legibility for extended reading. Essentially, Mynor-B balances a more humanistic and expressive design, making it versatile for various applications while acknowledging its origin in Mynor's geometric style.

The font includes seven weights and obliques, with over 950 characters per style. It boasts fourteen number variations, alternate lowercase characters ('a,' 'g,' 'l,' and 'y'), and special glyphs like arrows. Small caps expand design options for headings and captions. With extensive language support encompassing Western, Southern, and Central Europe, plus Vietnamese.

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