Nauman Neue Collection

Nauman Neue

Thin Thin Italic Light Light Italic Book Book Italic Regular Italic Regular Medium Medium Italic SemiBold SemiBold Italic Bold Bold Italic ExtraBold ExtraBold Italic Heavy Heavy Italic Black Black Italic

Nauman Neue Condensed

Condensed Thin Condensed Thin Italic Condensed Light Condensed Light Italic Condensed Book Condensed Book Italic Condensed Regular Condensed Regular Italic Condensed Medium Condensed Medium Italic Condensed SemiBold Condensed SemiBold Italic Condensed Bold Condensed Bold Italic Condensed ExtraBold Condensed ExtraBold Italic Condensed Heavy Italic Condensed Heavy Condensed Black Condensed Black Italic

Nauman Neue SemiCondensed

SemiCondensed Thin SemiCondensed Thin Italic SemiCondensed Light SemiCondensed Light Italic SemiCondensed Book SemiCondensed Book Italic SemiCondensed Regular SemiCondensed Regular Italic SemiCondensed Medium SemiCondensed Medium Italic SemiCondensed SemiBold SemiCondensed SemiBold Italic SemiCondensed Bold SemiCondensed Bold Italic SemiCondensed ExtraBold SemiCondensed ExtraBold Italic SemiCondensed Heavy SemiCondensed Heavy Italic SemiCondensed Black SemiCondensed Black Italic

Nauman Neue is a modern humanist sans-serif typeface designed specifically for screen use. It features broad, open letter forms that are carefully crafted with precise geometry, resulting in a functional and legible font. This typeface is well-suited for various on-screen applications, such as web design and digital interfaces, where readability and clarity are crucial.

One of Nauman Neue's notable strengths is its ability to maintain clarity even at small point sizes, making it an excellent choice for situations where space is limited. In 2021, Nauman Neue underwent expansion, offering a total of sixty styles, including two widths—condensed and semi-condensed. This variety allows for flexibility in design, accommodating different visual preferences and layout requirements.

Included in the font are 900 characters per style, ten weights and three widths with matching italics. OpenType features consist of seven numerals variations, including inferiors, superiors, fractions, tabular, lining, and old-style. It also has alternate a, e, I, M, small caps, arrows and language support covering Western, Southern, Central Europe and Vietnamese.

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