NuberNext Collection


Thin Thin Italic UltraLight UltraLight Italic ExtraLight ExtraLight Italic Light Light Italic Regular Regular Italic DemiBold DemiBold Italic Bold Bold Italic Heavy Heavy Italic Black Black Italic

NuberNext Compressed

Thin Compressed Thin Compressed Italic UltraLight Compressed UltraLight Compressed Italic ExtraLight Compressed ExtraLight Compressed Italic Light Compressed Light Compressed Italic Regular Compressed Regular Compressed Italic DemiBold Compressed DemiBold Compressed Italic Bold Compressed Bold Compressed Italic Heavy Compressed Heavy Compressed Italic Black Compressed Black Compressed Italic

NuberNext Condensed

Thin Condensed Thin Condensed Italic UltraLight Condensed UltraLight Condensed Italic ExtraLight Condensed ExtraLight Condensed Italic Light Condensed Light Condensed Italic Regular Condensed Regular Condensed Italic DemiBold Condensed DemiBold Condensed Italic Bold Condensed Bold Condensed Italic Heavy Condensed Heavy Condensed Italic Black Condensed Black Condensed Italic

NuberNext Wide

Thin Wide Thin Wide Italic UltraLight Wide UltraLight Wide Italic ExtraLight Wide ExtraLight Wide Italic Light Wide Light Wide Italic Regular Wide Regular Wide Italic DemiBold Wide DemiBold Wide Italic Bold Wide Bold Wide Italic Heavy Wide Heavy Wide Italic Black Wide Black Wide Italic

NuberNext Extended

Thin Extended Thin Extended Italic UltraLight Extended UltraLight Extended Italic ExtraLight Extended ExtraLight Extended Italic Light Extended Light Extended Italic Regular Extended Regular Extended Italic DemiBold Extended DemiBold Extended Italic Bold Extended Bold Extended Italic Heavy Extended Heavy Extended Italic Black Extended Black Extended Italic

Nuber Next is a modern neo-grotesque sans-serif typeface, inspired by the iconic typefaces of the 1950s like Helvetica and Univers. Carefully remastered from the original Nuber type family, Nuber Next enhances letter shapes, overall uniformity, and introduces a flexible width system to accommodate a wide range of typographic applications. This versatile typeface is perfect for achieving a clean, contemporary look in any design project, making it the ideal choice for professionals seeking both style and functionality.

Details include 750 characters per style, nine weights and five widths with matching italics. OpenType features include seven variations of numerals, fractions, case-sensitive forms, stylistic alternates, ligatures, extended monetary symbols and language support covering Cyrillic, Western, Southern and Central Europe.

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