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Zenga represents a contemporary typographic fusion, skillfully combining the precision of geometric design with subtle elements inspired by blackletter forms from the gothic tradition. The typeface prioritizes clean lines and exact proportions, ensuring readability and adaptability across various design contexts. Its geometric foundation provides a modern aesthetic, while hints of blackletter add a touch of historical elegance.

Zenga is not just visually striking but also optimized for the demands of the digital age. Whether on grid-based layouts or pixel-dense screens, Zenga maintains clarity, making it versatile for diverse design applications. This typeface invites designers to explore the rich heritage of gothic styles while embracing the necessities of contemporary design in both print and digital mediums.

Details include five distinctive weights with italics, over 500 characters per style, five variations of numerals with stylistic zeros, ten alternate characters, extended symbols including chess pieces and OpenType features.

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