Corbert Collection


Thin Thin Italic Light Light Italic Regular Regular Italic Medium Medium Italic DemiBold DemiBold Italic Bold Bold Italic ExtraBold ExtraBold Italic Heavy Heavy Italic Black Black Italic

Corbert Compact

Thin Compact Thin Compact Italic Light Compact Light Compact Italic Regular Compact Regular Compact Italic Medium Compact Medium Compact Italic DemiBold Compact DemiBold Compact Italic Bold Compact Bold Compact Italic ExtraBold Compact ExtraBold Compact Italic Heavy Compact Heavy Compact Italic Black Compact Black Compact Italic

Corbert Condensed

Thin Condensed Thin Condensed Italic Light Condensed Light Condensed Italic Regular Condensed Regular Condensed Italic Medium Condensed Medium Condensed Italic DemiBold Condensed DemiBold Condensed Italic Bold Condensed Bold Condensed Italic ExtraBold Condensed ExtraBold Condensed Italic Heavy Condensed Heavy Condensed Italic Black Condensed Black Condensed Italic

Corbert Wide

Thin Wide Thin Wide Italic Light Wide Light Wide Italic Regular Wide Regular Wide Italic Medium Wide Medium Wide Italic DemiBold Wide DemiBold Wide Italic Bold Wide Bold Wide Italic ExtraBold Wide ExtraBold Wide Italic Heavy Wide Heavy Wide Italic Black Wide Black Wide Italic

Corbert Variable

Compact Thin Compact Thin Italic Compact Light Compact Light Italic Compact Compact Italic Compact Medium Compact Medium Italic Compact DemiBold Compact DemiBold Italic Compact Bold Compact Bold Italic Compact ExtraBold Compact ExtraBold Italic Compact Heavy Compact Heavy Italic Compact Black Compact Black Italic ExtraCondensed Thin ExtraCondensed Thin Italic ExtraCondensed Light ExtraCondensed Light Italic ExtraCondensed ExtraCondensed Italic ExtraCondensed Medium ExtraCondensed Medium Italic ExtraCondensed DemiBold ExtraCondensed DemiBold Italic ExtraCondensed Bold ExtraCondensed Bold Italic ExtraCondensed ExtraBold ExtraCondensed ExtraBold Italic ExtraCondensed Heavy ExtraCondensed Heavy Italic ExtraCondensed Black ExtraCondensed Black Italic Condensed Thin Condensed Thin Italic Condensed Light Condensed Light Italic Condensed Condensed Italic Condensed Medium Condensed Medium Italic Condensed DemiBold Condensed DemiBold Italic Condensed Bold Condensed Bold Italic Condensed ExtraBold Condensed ExtraBold Italic Condensed Heavy Condensed Heavy Italic Condensed Black Condensed Black Italic Thin Thin Italic Light Light Italic Regular Italic Medium Medium Italic DemiBold DemiBold Italic Bold Bold Italic ExtraBold ExtraBold Italic Heavy Heavy Italic Black Black Italic Wide Thin Wide Thin Italic Wide Light Wide Light Italic Wide Wide Italic Wide Medium Wide Medium Italic Wide DemiBold Wide DemiBold Italic Wide Bold Wide Bold Italic Wide ExtraBold Wide ExtraBold Italic Wide Heavy Wide Heavy Italic Wide Black Wide Black Italic Extended Thin Extended Thin Italic Extended Light Extended Light Italic Extended Extended Italic Extended Medium Extended Medium Italic Extended DemiBold Extended DemiBold Italic Extended Bold Extended Bold Italic Extended ExtraBold Extended ExtraBold Italic Extended Heavy Extended Heavy Italic Extended Black Extended Black Italic

Corbert is a geometric sans-serif typeface influenced by the principles of Bauhaus and the early modernist era. Crafted with precision, its design features optically adjusted shapes, creating a clear and natural appearance that enhances legibility. The typeface embodies simplicity and functionality, reflecting the minimalist approach of the Bauhaus movement. Its regular and self-evident design makes it versatile across a broad spectrum of applications.

Originally gaining popularity in 2013, Corbert has since undergone updates in 2020 to meet user feedback and advancements in technology, ensuring it remains a contemporary and adaptable choice for designers seeking a modern sans-serif typeface.

Details include nine weights with matching italics and over 540 characters per style. OpenType features consist of five variations of numerals, including inferiors, superiors, fractions, alternative lowercase a, e and g, and language support covering Western, Southern, and Central Europe.

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