Leida Collection


ExtraLight ExtraLight Italic Light Light Italic Book Book Italic Regular Regular Italic Medium Medium Italic Bold Bold Italic ExtraBold ExtraBold Italic Black Black Italic

Leida Variable

ExtraLight Light Book Regular Medium Bold ExtraBold Black ExtraLight Italic Light Italic Book Italic Italic Medium Italic Bold Italic ExtraBold Italic Black Italic

Leida is a well-refined serif type family that balances functionality with a cheerful personality. The design draws upon typographic experience, history and current technology to produce a typeface suitable for reading text in everyday scenarios. Letterforms are drafted directly within the application to benefit from the latest tool sets and help with line quality.

The font includes eight weights with true italics and over 900 characters per style. OpenType features consist of fourteen number variations, including inferiors, superiors, fractions, tabular, lining, circled, and oldstyle. It also has alternate lowercase a, e, g and y, small caps and language support covering Western, Southern, and Central Europe.

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